I have two areas of focus, corporate talent management consulting through my practice at The Nielson Group and personal coaching through Success Discoveries including student career coaching (high school and college students). In 2005, I started developing a program called Career Coaching for Students™ specifically for use by career coaches, counselors, parents/students and in schools that enables students to understand their talent, match their talent to potential careers and use high-quality information resources and strategies to create a competitive advantage for students.

My corporate consulting focus is in three areas: hiring for fit, team effectiveness and personal effectiveness (executive, high potential development and executive level coaching). I am passionate about best practice organizational development and human capital management issues (The Nielson Group, http://www.nielsongroup.com).  Clients include Fortune 50 corporations, Inc 1000 and small family owned companies. Coaching services provided through The Nielson Group include leadership and executive coaching to career transition coaching. In addition, our best-in-class assessment tools and processes are used by hundreds of small businesses and many Fortune 100 companies. My clients are located throughout the United States and include global companies. We assess people all over the world. My primary goal is to help my clients experience success significantly faster than if they were on their own.

Career Coaching for Students™

Helping students, helping parents

Career Coaching for Students™ is a program to help high school and college students find their passion. Career Coaching for Students™ (http://www.careercoachingforstudents.net) is a student-focused career exploration and planning program that is now in high schools and used in several parts of the United States by career coaches, school psychologists and school counselors. Based on very positive feedback from parents and students, we have a goal to see every high school student receive career coaching. There is no program like Career Coaching for Students™ (which personally surprised me and motivated me to develop it for schools and parents to use). The extremely positive feedback has been very rewarding. A college edition is also available – ideal for current college students and boomerang students who have recently graduated from college. Colleges, universities and vocational schools are welcome to contact me to discuss integrating the Career Coaching for Students (college version) program into your offerings. We do offer a train-the-career counselor program.

My Background: I have a degree in Organization Psychology and am a certified professional behavioral analyst. I hold certifications in several talent- and organization-related diagnostic tools. I have about 20 years experience in corporate human resource management and 15 years as a human capital management consultant. I started working with high school and college students and their parents in 2005. My corporate experience includes a diverse range of industries. My business clients include Fortune 50 corporations, Inc 1000 and small family owned companies.

I started Success Discoveries (http://www.successdiscoveries.com/coaches/carlnielson), a division of The Nielson Group, in 2003 to give more of a focus on individual needs outside the corporate framework.

Feel free to contact me in the USA at (972) 346-2892 or by email at carl@successdiscoveries.com or cnielson@nielsongroup.com.

LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/successdiscoveries
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?v=info&gid=17927327681

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