2 Ways Students Get Mentoring without a Mentor

A mentor is a great resource for career advice, feedback, and help in building your skills and capabilities. However, it’s not always possible to find one person who has the time or expertise to help you with all of the above. Try these two approaches to getting the mentoring you need: 

  1. Ask adults within your personal network (friends’ parents, teachers, parents’ friends)  for advice. Reach out to a person who you respect for advice or coaching on a specific challenge. Busy people are more likely to have an hour to spend with you than to be able to commit to a long-term mentoring relationship.
  2. Create a personal board of advisors. Line up a group of adults who are willing to give you periodic feedback on things like career options, choosing a major based on a career interest, college choices, etc. This type of quick, periodic input can be especially valuable when it comes from several adults with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

The Career Coaching for Students™ program includes building a board of advisors and leveraging a network of contacts that has long-term benefits for the student.

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