The BEST College Roommate: Tips for Good Roommate Relationships

Take the College Roommate Personality Assessment NowWhile having a roommate  has its challenges, it can also be a great part of your college experience. Success Discoveries has published a free college roommate assessment and guide for building and enjoying the “BEST” college roommate relationship that you receive upon completion of a short online personality assessment. In addition, we’ve provided a few tips here to make sure you and your roommate keep things pleasant and supportive throughout the year (or even years!).

Tip #1 – Find common interests.

Tip #2 – Include your roommate

Tip #3 – Talk to your roommate

Tip #4 – Introduce your roommate to your friends

Tip #5 – Give your roommate some space

Tip #6 – Pick up after yourself

Tip #7 – Don’t put your roommate in an awkward situation

Tip #8 – Apologize when something you’ve done upsets your roommate

Tip #9 – Don’t repeat doing things that upset your roommate

Tip #10 – Complete the Success Discovery College Roommate Compatibility assessment and receive guide to having the best relationship

Take the College Roommate Personality Assessment NowThe guide, How to Have the BEST Relationship with Your College Roommate, provides a comprehensive review of your assessment and guide to building a positive and healthy relationship with your college roommate. The assessments (2) focus on your behavioral style (“how” you do things) and your motivations (“why” you like to do what you do). By comparing your behavioral style and motivators with your roommate’s, you’ll be able to understand the differences, value those differences and adapt to create a great relationship. Try it! If you like it or know of other families that have a student going to college, forward this to them. They’ll thank you!

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